The local death care provider since 1955

It’s been over 60 years since Eldred and Dorthy Penttila began Penttila’s Chapel by The Sea, and while many changes have occurred, one key element has not: we are still the locally owned and operated death care service provider.

Our “small town service” equates to answering the phone personally “24/7”; meeting with families one on one by professional staff who know the area; and outstanding facilities and logistics to meet every need. We are always available to discuss individual situations and questions without any pressure or hustle.

1515 S. Pacific Ave.
Long Beach, Washington 98631
Phone: 360-642-8885
Fax: 360-642-3673

The local death care provider since 1955 Penttila's Chapel By The Sea & Pacific Crematory local-death-care-provider-since-1955 On-site crematory, chapel with reception area, burials & burial at Sea. 24/7 personal service. Services & Opportunities's Chapel by the Sea and Pacific Crematory 1515 S. Pacific Ave. Long Beach Washington 98631 ,

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