Purveyors of fine goods since 1885

Jack’s Country Store, where you can shop fine items from the comfort of your home. Here at our country store you’ll find items inspired by American traditions, from food items like albacore tuna and beef jerky to sporting goods.. Need a hard to find item? We may have it.

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For Questions Regarding Hardware Products or Services,
Please call: (360) 665-4988

For Questions Regarding Grocery Products or General inquiries,
Please call: (360) 665-4989

To send a Fax, please dial: (360) 665-4989

Current store hours are 7 am to 8pm Daily

Purveyors of fine goods since 1885 Jack's Country Store Stocked floor to ceiling with over 200,000 items! Supplies & Products Jack's Country Store 26006 Vernon Ave Ocean Park Washington 98640 ,

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