Now Hiring Head Start Center Director

Join our team as Head Start Center Director for a licensed site, and support EOCF’s mission by planning, coordinating, supervising, monitoring, and evaluating the delivery of comprehensive child and family development services and programs.

The Full Day Center Director is a professional-level position and assures that EOCF’s Long Beach site maintains the highest quality and continues to meet licensing and performance standards.This benefited position is classified as regular, full-time and budgeted for 2000 hours/250 days per year with a starting salary range of $42,320 – 44,440.

This position is open until filled.

A complete application packet includes:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Online Application
  • Two letters of reference
  • College Transcripts
  • Education

Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education or Early Childhood Development or; bachelors degree in a closely related field with either an Early Childhood Education Endorsement or Child Development credential or; bachelors degree in Human Services, Human Development, Sociology, or closely related field.



Five years experience providing or coordinating early childhood education and/or family development services for children pre-natal kindergarten and (either as part of or in addition to above experience) three years experience providing or coordinating early childhood and/or family development services for children pre-natal kindergarten;

Four years experience (either as part of or in addition to above required experience) supervising paid staff.

Minimum of 1 year experience in directing a licensed child care site.

Knowledge of

Available services and resources for families and children in the community.

Principles of case management, advocacy, and family systems.

Developmentally appropriate practices birth to 5- year-old children and current best practices in early childhood education for center and home-based program designs.

Principles of child development and Early Childhood Curriculum planning.

Safety issues for children and adults.

*Washington State child care and full day licensing regulations and requirements:

  1. The director, program supervisor and lead teachers must complete ten clock hours or one college credit of continuing education yearly after completing the initial training required in WAC 170-295-1010.
  2. The director and program supervisor must have five of the ten hours in program management and administration for the first two years in their respective positions. Each additional year, three of the ten hours required must be in program management and administration.
  3. The continuing education must be delivered by a state-approved trainer, or consist of training that has been department-approved through MERIT.

WAC 170-295-1090

  1. You must provide or arrange for staff meetings and training opportunities for the child care staff at least quarterly; and
  2. At a minimum, your staff and volunteers must have ongoing training when there are changes in your policies and procedures; In the equipment that you use; In the types of services you provide; or To health care plans for specific children

Basic rules and principles of grammar, written and verbal communication, and mathematics.

Computer word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Head Start and ECEAP performance standards.

Ability to

Exercise effective management of personnel, programs and resources.

Work cooperatively with staff, families and community partners from diverse cultural, socio economic and educational backgrounds.

Prepare basic statistical and narrative reports, business correspondence, and memoranda using a computer.

Learn to navigate TS Gold, Child Plus and MERIT systems.

Maintain confidentiality of records and information.

Use the team approach to accomplish agency work.

Demonstrate professional and effective written and verbal communication skills; receive information and feedback in an understanding manner; use good judgment.

Work independently and demonstrate flexibility to changes in work schedules and assignments.

Attend appropriate staff meetings and out-of-town training sessions as assigned.

Key Performance Area: Work Habits and Practices

Report to work on a regular basis, as scheduled.  Salaried exempt employees must work until their essential job functions are completed, which may require working beyond regularly scheduled days and hours.

Perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Demonstrate commitment to EOCF’s mission, values and policies in performance of daily duties.

Function as an effective team member with co-workers and the community to build productive, collaborative relationships to achieve program goals and objectives.

Continue to increase professional knowledge, skills and competencies in job related areas.

Participate in local and out-of-town meetings as assigned.

Maintain confidentiality of program, staff and client information.

Demonstrate appropriate professional behavior and conduct.

Key Performance Area: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Develop, implement and monitor an annual integrated work plan.

Collaborate with Executive Management Team in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating program services.

Develop, implement and monitor an annual budget, and review monthly budget reports as assigned.

Participate in planning and implementing annual program self-assessment as assigned by supervisor.

Work cooperatively and pro-actively with other components to facilitate and assure delivery of quality program services, including but not limited to ERSEA, nutrition, mental health, and health services.

As assigned, conduct regular classroom observations, periodic home visits, and review of lesson plans to assure delivery of quality education and family services that meet performance standards, respond to the individual needs of children and families, and realize EOCF’s outcomes.  Provide feedback, technical assistance and training as needed.

Conduct regular reviews of child and family files to assure compliance with program policies and performance standards as assigned.

Work with PK supervisors to assure a seamless delivery of services to children and families agency wide.

Oversee, monitor and evaluate Partner activities to determine contract compliance, as assigned by supervisor.

Participate in the development and implementation of the P-K vision and assume cross program responsibilities as determined.

Collaborate with Director of Child and Family Services in completing scheduled and emergent tasks related to planning, monitoring and evaluation, including but not limited to: program design, curriculum, child outcomes, and staff assignments.

Key Performance Area: Program Management

Assure that classroom staffing requirements are met daily.

Assure safe and healthy classroom learning environments.

Assure classrooms are adequately equipped and supplied.

Provide on-going supervision of sites, including overseeing classroom facilities, maintaining a positive working relationship with property owners and others located at the same facility, evaluating maintenance needs, and requesting repairs and other related services from facilities and maintenance staff.

Assure the development and implementation of transition plans for children and families.

Promote and support family engagement in all aspects of the program and the community.

Drive to EOCF centers to conduct periodic inspections, provide on-site technical assistance, and respond to emergencies.

In cooperation with the P-K supervisor group:

Assess the results from Child Outcomes and Classroom Observation data, develop and a coordinated training plan for classroom staff, provide technical assistance to classroom staff, and assure that curriculum and classroom practices reflect current research in early childhood.

Provide technical assistance to partner sites as assigned.

Collaborate with DCFS in providing day-to-day management of child and family services through appropriate supervision, delegation and coordination of staff work.

Perform CPR and/or First Aid in response to emergencies as needed.

Provide guidance and oversight of partner activities as assigned.

Assure active participation in the Washington State Early Achievers process as determined by program needs.

Key Performance Area: Supervision

Assign, coordinate, supervise, monitor, and evaluate the work of staff and volunteers to assure that EOCF’s operations and services are provided and conducted in accordance with performance standards, agency mission, vision, and values, and requirements of grants, contracts, policies, procedures, and work plans.

Coordinate and facilitate team meetings, including cross-component and cross-program teams, to assure that EOCF’s operations and services are provided and conducted in accordance with performance standards, agency mission, vision, and values, and requirements of grants, contracts, policies, procedures, and work plans.

Recruit, interview, select, orient and train employees.

Develop, implement and monitor individualized staff development and training plans.

Complete performance appraisals in a timely manner as prescribed by EOCF Personnel Policies.

Key Performance Area: Communication

Assure continuous and timely flow of verbal and written information to and from other staff, supervisor, Partners, program participants, licensors and community.

Conduct all communication with staff, supervisor, program participants, licensors and community in an effective, respectful, timely and supportive manner.

Prepare and provide timely and accurate written reports, memoranda and other statistical and narrative information as required or requested.

Prepare and present information and reports to EOCF groups and teams, including the Board of Directors and Policy Council, and to community organizations, agencies and groups as directed.

Maintain organized and accessible record keeping and filing system.

Serve as an advocate for EOCF and its families in the community.

Maintain confidentiality of program, staff and client information.

Marginal Functions

Prepare grant applications and implement special projects as assigned.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Participate in the planning and implementation of EOCF events, activities or meetings.

EOCF is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

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