“aConsultPROFESSIONALQ:A:Should I use heat or cold?If you hurt,especially in a joint, use ice; it reduces inflammation and pain and shortens healing time. You can get a burn from ice just like with heat, so donGt leave it on for more than 20 minutes. Most problems get better more quickly with ice. Heat feels good, but may seriously make problems worse. As long as there is pain and/or swelling, continue ice; it can be done as often as once an hour. Would you heat a cut? No, because it would keep bleeding Gthat is what happens inside where you canGt see it.Barry Sears, D.C.ASTORIA CHIROPRACTIC503-325-3311 aine ie toia egonQ:A:Wh dont m dentures n1/4 t anmore?Once teeth are lost the gum and bone have a tendency to shrink and recede. Just like a leg in a cast for several months getting no stimulation, then removing the cast and seeing a withered leg, the dental jaw bone is stimulated by the function of the teeth and the forces of chewing. When teeth are removed this stimulation is lost and for many denture wearers the bone will shrink resulting in a change of bone volume and a stable denture f t. If your situation does require loss of teeth or you now have dentures ask about dental implants which can help support dentures and minimize loss of bone volume. Please contact our of ce at 503-325-0310 for an evaluation.JEFFREY M. LEINASSARDMD, FAGD503/325-03101414 MARINE DRIVE,ASTORIAwww.smileastoria.comQ:A:When can I change my Part D Prescription Plan? My medications have changed and I am not sure my plan is best for me now. he Annual nrollment Period AP runs ctober th thru December th, with an effective date of January . ou may have other options available to you as well give me a call and we can discuss your situation.Steve Putmanputmanagency@gmail.comLicensed in Oregon and Washington503-440-1076Medicare ProductsHughes- RansomMortuaryAstoria: Seaside: N John R. Alcantara – Funeral DirectorA:The winner of that distinction goes to contentious surviving family & friends. While I understand that everyone experiences grief differently, there is certain uncivil behavior I will not tolerate.The first is when one or both sides try to curry my favor to their cause (sometimes informing me of all the bad deeds the other party is alleged to have done).The other is witnessing bullying or intentionally leaving someone out of the decision making process.While I understand that thereGs always 2 sides to every story I have to inform each party that self serving, discourteous behavior is unacceptable, and remind them of my role (being neutral) is to facilitate an agreement or compromise which helps them find closure & memorializes their loved one in a way befitting of their life. is to facilitate an agreement or compromise which helps them find closure & memorializes their loved one in a way befitting of their life. Q:What is the the most demanding part of being a Funeral Director?Q:o can stop annoing eb ads?A:Visit the website and install the program. If you use more than one web browser, you will need to go there using each browser. Different browsers have different methods for installation. Just follow the instructions and say yes as needed. Although AdBlockPlus cannot block ALL ads, you will see a noticeable improvement.LEO FINZIMon-Fri 10-6, Sat 11-477 11th Street, Suite H Astoria, OR503-325-2300We stock thousands of cables, parts and accessoriesAstoriaGs

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