“aConsultPROFESSIONALQ:A:Should I use heat or cold?If you hurt,especially in a joint, use ice; it reduces inflammation and pain and shortens healing time. You can get a burn from ice just like with heat, so donGt leave it on for more than 20 minutes. Most problems get better more quickly with ice. Heat feels good, but may seriously make problems worse. As long as there is pain and/or swelling, continue ice; it can be done as often as once an hour. Would you heat a cut? No, because it would keep bleeding Gthat is what happens inside where you canGt see it.Barry Sears, D.C.ASTORIA CHIROPRACTIC503-325-3311 aine ie toia egonQ:an you recommend a place on the we that fixes problems with my computer for ?A:MicrosoftGs web site SUPPORT.MICROSOFT.COM/FIXIT/ solves many common problems. There you select the area of concern, and an application installs and attempts to automatically fix your computer at no charge. Have a question or need more help? Call us or stop by. We are always glad to help.Astorias Best.comLEO FINZIM-F, 10-6, Closed this Sat. & Sun.77 11th Street, Suite H Astoria, OR503-325-2300Price, Selection and ServiceQ:A: have a edicare upplement policy and was told that could change companies without having to answer uestions aout my health s that right?ach year you have a Special lection Period called the Oregon irthday Rule . If you apply within a set time frame around your birthday you may be able to change companies. There are some specific guidelines so call and see if the rule will wor for you. putmanagency@gmail.comLicensed in Oregon and Washington03-440-076Medicare ProductsQ:A:Are there local design services that encompass as many services as larger out of town companies offer?Absolutely We offer Portraits indoors and out, landscaping, real estate, scenic, group, and events. We can also do custom framing including assembly, sizing, and matting. We can put together a photo album, after a consultation of the clients choices. Also let us help with re-attenuating your photos, or other media projects. 9 out 10 times you can get more appreciation locally, because of haste and waste.empty canvas media & designmusic, art,creative, logicenton.mele@gmail.com406-600-62731775 S. RooseveltUnit C, SeasideMerle FentonQ:A:hat causes ad reath?Basically, all food eaten begins to be broken down in your mouth. Bacteria which accumulate with food form a sticky film called plaque which leads to gum disease. This process creates what is known as volatile sulfur compounds resulting in bad breath. Poor brushing habits, a coated tongue, strong odor foods, smoking and heavy alcohol drinking all contribute to bad breath. If this is you, do something about it by calling your dentist to schedule an evaluation.JEFFREY M. LEINASSARDMD, FAGD503/325-03101414 MARINE DRIVE,

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