"aConsultPROFESSIONALQ:A: I signed up for my Medicare Plan and company on-line. I didnGt fully understand what I was signing up for. My plan isnGt meeting my needs. When and how can I change plans?As an agent, I can meet with you and determine if and when you are eligible to switch plans. There are specific times of the year when a Medicare plan and or company may be changed. There are also Special Election Periods for those who qualify. LetGs review your needs and together we can determine if a plan change is right for you.Steve PutmantanagengaioLicensed in Oregon and Washington503-440-1076Medicare ProductsAstorias Best.comLEO FINZIM-F 10-6 Sat . 11-477 11th Street, Suite H Astoria, OR503-325-2300Q:ow can I ma e sure I donGt lose the data stored on my computer?Whether it is your personal photos, tax records, or a novel, or the customer records stored on your server, get Carbonite Back Up from us. We make sure all your files are se-lected for back up at Carbonite. Then rest assured that your data is safe. All your data is AUTOMATICALLY backed up and can be retrieved on any computer. Carbonite also makes up-grading to a new computer or server a snap by transferring your data to your new computer for you.Price, Selection and ServiceA:Q:A:ow does sensitie toothpaste wor?Imagine one of your teeth . It has two main sections: the crown above the gum line and the root below.People with sensitive teeth experience pain when their teeth are exposed to something hot, cold or when pressure is applied.The layer of enamel may be thinner and the gum line may have receded, exposing more dentin. Therefore, the recession makes teeth more sensitive.Sensitive toothpaste works by blocking the tubules in the dentine usually contain a chemical called strontium chloride. Repeated use builds up a strong carrier by plugging the tubules more and more, leading to less-sensitive teeth.JEFFREY M. LEINASSARDMD, FAGD503/325-03101414 MARINE DRIVE,ASTORIAwww.smileastoria.comQ:A:Should I use heat or cold?If you hurt,especially in a joint, use ice; it reduces inflammation and pain and shortens healing time. You can get a burn from ice just like with heat, so donGt leave it on for more than 20 minutes. Most problems get better more quickly with ice. Heat feels good, but may seriously make problems worse. As long as there is pain and/or swelling, continue ice; it can be done as often as once an hour. Would you heat a cut? No, because it would keep bleeding Gthat is what happens inside where you canGt see it.Barry Sears, D.C.ASTORIA CHIROPRACTIC503-325-33112935 Marine Drive Astoria, Oregon"

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