"Fall Produce SaleHeirloom VarietyLocally GrownYellow Finn Potatoes99-/lb. R $35.00/50# BoxJumbo SizeJack-O-LanternPumpkinsCOUNTRY STOREOCEAN PARK, WA Open Daily 7am y 8pmLocally Grownf Baking or CanningSugar Pie PumpkinsOrchard DirectWashington GrownCameo ApplesLocally GrownEdible FallSquash> Acorn> Carnival> Delicata> Heart Of Gold> Hubbard> Spaghetti> AND MORE!Farm FreshDecorativeGourdsHuge Selection!While Supplies Last!59-/lb.49-/lb.49-/lb.99-/ea.$8.99/ea."

JACK’S COUNTRY STORE The Daily Astorian jacks-country-store JACK'S COUNTRY STORE Advertising Advertising https://coastmarketplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/83038.jpeg

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