" Ci t y LumberGWeGre more than a lumber yardG8B THE DAILY ASTORIAN G FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018 — 2142 Commercial, Astoria 325-4511 G 1-800-248-4511 FOLLOW US ON FOLLOW US ON Open Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm; Saturday 8 am to 5 pm; Sunday 9 am to 4 pm Founded 1904$3999Smokey Joe— Premium 14G Portable Grill147 sq. in. total cooking area. Plated steel cooking grate with Tuck-n-Carry lid lock allows for carrying and also lowers to double as a lid holder. Rust-resistant aluminum damper and glass-reinforced nylon handle. 803022 Model #40020 22G Original KettleTM Premium Charcoal Grill 363 sq. in. total cooking area. Plated steel-hinged cooking grate Removable, high-capacity aluminum ash catcher. Spring clip/push pin leg assembly. Crimson, black or copper. 801301 801283 801290 Model #14403001, #14401001, #14402001$1490022G Original KettleTM Charcoal Grill815403 Model #741001$9900Q— Portable Cart800758 Model #6557$6900$19900Q— 1200TM LP Gas Grill8,500 BTU. 189 sq. in. total cooking area. Electronic ignition. 2 folding work tables with built-in lid thermometer. Red, blue, fuchsia, purple, orange, green or black. 801416 801313 801405 801379 801334 801305 801272 Model #5104001, #51080001, #51210001, #51200001, #51190001, #51070001, #51010001$5999Go-Anywhere— Gas Grill 6,500 BTU, 160 sq. in. total cooking area. Legs fold up to lock the lid in place for carrying. Patented cooking system distributes heat evenly. Propane sold separately. 808881 Model #1141001$2999Smokey Joe— Charcoal Portable Grill 147 sq. in. total cooking area. Plated steel cooking grate with porcelain enamel bowl and lid. Adjustable damper with 4 air vents, 2 rust-resistant aluminum dampers and aluminum ash catcher. Glass-reinforced nylon handle. 808938 Model #10020Spirit— II E-210TM LP Gas Grill 2 stainless-steel burners. 26,500 BTU, 450 sq. in. total cooking area. Red, black, sapphire or ivory. 800237 801089 800284 Model #44030001, #44010001, #44020001, #44060001 Tank not included.Natural Gas 800297 $399.00 Model #48010001$94900Genesis— II SE-410 LP Gas Grill4 stainless-steel burners, 48,000 BTU, 844 sq. in. total cooking area. Sleek open-cart design and stainless-steel cooking grates. Crimson, copper or black. 801676 801665 801639 Model #62030201, #62020201, #62010201Natural Gas Black. 801698 $949.00 Model #67010201$39900Spirit— II E-310TM LP Gas Grill 3 stainless-steel burners. 30,000 BTU, 529 sq. in. total cooking area. Black, red, sapphire or ivory. 800286 800293 800953 800295 Model #45010001, #45030001, #45020001, #45060001 Tank not included.Natural Gas 800317 $499.00 Model #49010001$49900$299Top Soil This combination of basic topsoil, dairy compost, fir fines, chicken compost, dark humus, aged sawdust, compost and sand makes a more fertile blend for lawns, flower beds, or anywhere youGd use GdirtG but still want a little more bang for your buck! 1 cubic foot.$399Garden Soil OMRI listed for organic use,flower & vegetable garden soil retains moisture and promotes plant growth. 1 cubic foot.$499Bark Nuggets Fir bark chips. Ideal for use in landscape beds, walkways, and paths. Helps prevent weed growth, retains moist-ure, and insulates soil to protect roots in cold weather. Available in small, medium and large chips. 2 cubic-foot bags. Diamond Gray Retaining Wall Blocks Build straight or curved retaining walls up to 4G tall. Nominal dimension 6G H x 15 7/8G W. X 12G D. Diamond*Delivery for blocks available for extra charge. Highland Stone Retaining Wall Blocks Highland stone Walnut Blend multi-color face and variety of sizes contribute to the impression of a natural block wall. 6G T. blocks, 12G D. either 6G, 12G, or 18G W. Highland*Delivery for blocks available for extra charge. Aspen Stone Retaining Wall Blocks Choose from either Granite or Walnut Blend colored Aspen stone blocks to build a wall up to 2G tall. Each block is 4G T. x 12G W. x 7G D. AspenRETAINING WALLSYSTEM *Delivery for blocks available for extra charge. Voted 01 Home ImprovementStore in 2017WeberGrillsmake greatFatherGsDaygifts! Your GRILL HeadquartersFathers Day"

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