“1 e(147/–^6*5#510Nick Bond is a principal research scientist with the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean of the University of Washington and an1/4liated with NOAA. A Climatologist for Washington since 2010, NickGs research focuses on the weather and climate of the Pacin1/4c Northwest and itGs link between the climate and marine ecosystems of the North Pacin1/4c. Nick BondUniversity of Washington College of Atmospheric SciencesThe Blob, El Ni+o and Climate Change: Much of the oceanic and atmospheric conditions that have occurred in the Pacifc Northwest recently have been quite warm. Speaker Nick BondGs talk will address those events considered in the long-term context of the past and future climate of the region. Some efects will also be discussed, with examples ranging from the marine ecosystem to human health, including eforts to improve predictions of climate variations and their impacts.Looking for a Hot Time in the Pacif ic Northwest?September 18, 2018 G 6 p.m.Columbia Forum Sponsors:G The Daily AstorianG OSU Seafood LaboratoryG Cannery Pier Hotel & SpaG Craft 3G KMUN-FMFor reservations, to become a member or be added to contact list: Contact Holly Larkins at 503-325-3211×227 or forum@dailyastorian.comForum to be held at (new location):Chef Chris HolenGs NEKST EVENT175 14th St., Ste 100, AstoriaFoot of 12th St. Use back-in parking
“1 e(147/++-n—Next: The Blob, El Ni+o and Climate Change: Sept. 18 at 6 p.m. G RSVP by: Sept. 14"

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