"BRIMGS Farm & Garden34963 Hwy. 101 Business Astoria G 503-325-1562For beautiful gardens & healthy animalswww.brimsfarmngarden.comQ:A:Rodents have moved into my garage. How can I safely get rid of them without poisoning my pets?There are baits that can be nailed to walls, glue boards that use no poisons, bait stations and of course traps which just require patience and persistence. Our bait stations allow you to place poisons securely without exposing your pets or children. Rotating your method of control is helpful as rats and mice get wise to your methods over time. Stop in and pick up met-al feed containers, baits, bait stations, glue boards or traps for your rodent control project Keeping all of your animal feeds in solid containers is a big help in keeping the area rodent free. We also have botanical oils to repel them. With the cold weather, the rodents are coming!"

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