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Welcome to Moonlight Karaoke & DJ Services. We have 20 years of experience combining a passion for music and people. Music is one of the key elements to any successful event. It sets the tone, creates a mood, and evokes lasting memories. Whether the music is in background, or front and center, Moonlight Karaoke & DJ Service can make your event come to life. Our mobile Karaoke and DJ Service offers a diverse range of musical styles and eras. From current trends in Pop, Hip Hop and Country, to Oldies, Latin Ballads, and much more, our collection of music includes over 500,000 songs. But music is just the beginning. We’re a partner in the success of your event or special day. From consultation to follow up, we’re with you every step of the way. And if you’re the owner of a bar, pub or restaurant consider adding a Karaoke Night for your customers…. they’ll love it!

P.S. Please take note that we customize our events specifically to fit your needs and budget.
Prices reflect 4 hour time blocks
Consultations are always complimentary

Tom Cozart Owner
Phone: 971-386-7369

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