" THURSDAY, MAY 17 COLUMBIA FORUM PRESENTS Presenter: Jill Mulholland PhD University Professor & Executive Director of the International Association of Lighting Designers Jill is a part time light artist. She has practiced, taught, researched, published, designed and built with light in many manifestations. She has a B.A. in Maya archaeology from Rutgers College, learned light as a three-dimensional art form in the theater, and has a masterGs degree in interiors from the University of Oregon. She completed a PhD. in architecture from Texas A&M University, where she taught design studios in the architecture and visualization departments. JillGs work has come full circle back to archaeology, forming her research interests and the inspiration for the book she plans to write called GThe Archaeology of Light.G Columbia Fo r um THE DAILY ASTORIAN G CRAFT3 G OSU SEAFOOD LABORATORY G KMUN-FM CANNERY PIER HOTEL & SPA COLUMBIA FORUM IS SPONSORED BY: TO ATTEND: Appetizers will be available at 6 p.m. Dinner is served at 6:30 p.m., provided by Baked Alaska ($25 for members, $35 for non-members) The speaker will begin after the dinner service is complete and the non-dinner members and guests (program only guests: $10 per person) of the audience take their seats. FORUM TO BE HELD AT: CMH Community Center at 2021 Exchange St., Astoria Join us for a visual presentation of the science and art of light, manipulated as a 3D medium. Discover through an artistGs eye the natural wonder and beauty of light in Oregon, in myth and in Aztec and Mayan prehistoric cultures. FOR RESERVATIONS OR TO BE ADDED TO THE COLUMBIA FORUM CONTACT LIST: Contact Holly Larkins at 503-325-3211×227 or RSVP BY M A Y 14"

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