"This tribute to an essential company born in Astoria includes hundreds of historical photographs of the companyGs fishing boats, workers and packing plants at ports throughout Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Images span the closing years of GThe Great Salmon RushG of the 19th Century right up to Bumble BeeGs now global operations. Whether your grandfather fished for the Columbia River PackerGs Association or you just want to learn more about a wonderful coporate success story, this is the book for you!$24.95, and available for pickup at the Chinook Observer, 204 Bolstad Ave. E, Suite 2, Long Beach, WA. If you wish to receive a mailed copy, please include a $29.95 check payable to the Chinook Observer and mail your request to P.O. Box 427, Long Beach, WA. Softcover Book, 8G x 10G, 230 pages.Get Your Copy Today!"

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